Sunday, 29 March 2015


At 2.30 am on 25th April, 1915 the ANZACs arrived at Gallipoli in ships. 2015 marks 100 years since that date - a date of great significance to both NZ and Australia. 

This week our Kidsedchatnz chat is all about ANZAC Day. 

Flipped Challenge 1  

Your mission is to build the ANZAC landing: Gallipoli Peninsula

You could use Minecraft for this, build it out of lego or any other materials you would like to use. 

You may like to include: 
Beach line
ANZAC fleet
Row boats
Lookout Posts 
Russell's Top
Shrapnel Gully
Russell's Top
Main huts

Flipped Challenge 2 

There are lots of amazing ANZAC stories out there. Your challenge is to create a book review of your favourite ANZAC story. Get creative and think outside the square. You can do this any way you like! Inspire other children to read your favourite ANZAC story. 

Here are the questions for this week:

Q1. What have you learnt about ANZAC Day in your class? If you have recreated the ANZAC landing you can share this now! 
Q2. What does ANZAC day mean to you personally?
Q3. Do you have any extended family that fought in Gallipoli? What stories can you tell us?
Q4. How does your school and/or family celebrate ANZAC Day?
Q5. Do you think ANZAC day is important? Should we celebrate the day? How else could ANZAC Day be celebrated?
Q6. There are lots of great ANZAC books and stories out there. Which is your favourite and why? Share your book reviews! :)
Q7. Why are poppies sold before and on Anzac Day? Why was the poppy chosen and what does it represent?

Q8. How did the Anzac biscuit originate? Do you have a favourite Anzac biscuit recipe that you would like to share?
Q9. Have you ever been to an ANZAC Day celebration? What happened and how did it make you feel?

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  1. I am playing bagpipes in all the parades!