Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tweet of the Week!

Happy birthday Kidsedchatnz! Thank you everyone who turned up today to mark this special day! It was awesome to see everyone celebrating and having fun!

Here's a few videos and fun photos from the day!

So who won Tweet of the Week? Well here are the tweets that stood out for me today!


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

W7 - Kidsedchatnz 2nd Birthday!

Wow! Kidsedchatnz is turning two! Kidsedchatnz started in 2012 and two years later it's still going strong! A big thanks must go out to the organisers (Stephen, Reid, Juliet, Pascal, Marnel, Simone and Marcelle) and all the fabulous classes who have joined us throughout the two years. Without you guys Kidsedchatnz would be nothing!

Anyway this week we thought we would have a special Kidsedchatnz birthday party to celebrate! The topic is going to be based around.......CELEBRATIONS! Hopefully we can have a huge turn out to celebrate this special birthday!


1) Dress up your classroom with birthday decorations!

2) Make a special Kidsedchatnz birthday cake.

The classes with the best classroom decorations and birthday cake will have the Kidsedchatnz Mascot Follow sent to them as a reward! 


Q1. Today is Kidsedchatnz 2nd birthday party, could you please leave Kidsedchatnz a birthday message?

Q2. How are you celebrating Kidsedchatnz's birthday? Can you tweet a picture of your decorations/cake/party?

Q3. Today we are celebrating Kidsedchatnz's birthday, why do you think it is important to celebrate birthdays?

Q4. How old did you turn on your last birthday? What did you do to celebrate it? 

Q5. What was your favourite birthday present/party? Why was it special?

Q6. Then are many different celebrations around the world. Can you name some things that you celebrate and what do you do?

Q7. Kidsedchatnz has been going for 2 years, how long have you been taking part in it? Tell us about your experience?

Q8. Do you enjoy taking part in Kidsedchatnz? Why do you like it?

Q9. Make up a sentence, story or poem using the following 3 words: Presents, Excitement and Laughter.

I can't wait for Thursday, see you then! Stephen

Monday, 17 November 2014

Caine's Arcade - Are you an Entrepreneur?

We've been inspired by the story of Caine Monroy. You may have heard of him or seen the You Tube clip about his arcade. This week, we'd like you and your class to watch it. There is a lot to discuss!

Take it look at it here:

Caine's Arcade is a short documentary film by Nirvan Mullick released in April 2012 that featured an eponymous arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of cardboard boxes and everyday objects. The boy ran his arcade from his father's auto parts store in Los Angeles during mid-2011. Mullick was inspired to make the documentary after unexpectedly coming across the arcade while getting a part for his car, discovering the level of commitment, work, and thought Caine had put into the arcade, and becoming Caine's first customer. In the course of filming the documentary, Mullick arranged for a flash mob from social media sites to come by the arcade, increasing the awareness of the arcade. 
- Text from Wikipedia


Lets get creating team, it would be great to see KidsedchatNZ have its own Cardboard Challenge. Tweet a photo of your creation(s) or describe what you want to make!

For more ideas and inspiration, check out Fantastic 4 @ Nexus' cardboard cars that they made for their assembly.
Image attribution: Stephanie Thomson - Flickr Year 4 Nexus

Fantastic 4 @ Nexus - Cardboard Maker Assembly


1. Tell us about the clip. What interested you the most about Caine?

2. If you could create ANYTHING, what would it be? Tell us why.

3. Have you built anything before? What was it? What materials did you use?
(Include your photos here of your cardboard challenge)

4. If you started your own business, what would it be?

5. Why do you think Caine kept his arcade going, even though he had no customers?

6. An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk and starts their own business. What do you think are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur?

7. How can we encourage more children to be entrepreneurs?

8. Why do you think Caine was successful?

9. If your school had a "Day of Play" what would you choose to do?

10. Write a sentence, poem or story using the following 3 words: Creative, Money and Risk

See you on Thursday!

Juliet Revell

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tweet of the Week!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic Kidsedchatnz today! MINECRAFT was such an engaging topic! Check out these amazing creations that you shared today!

So who won Tweet of the Week? Well here's the tweets that stood out for me!

And Tweet of the Week goes to.....

Saturday, 8 November 2014

W5 - Minecraft

This week's Kidsedchatnz is all about MINECRAFT! Yes, you read correctly, Minecraft!

So before you take part in this week's Kidsedchatnz I want you to try and complete some of the following tasks prior to the chat. If you can't complete the tasks that's fine, you will still be able to take part in the chat.


1) Create a Pick a Path adventure using Minecraft.

2) Create your very own Restaurant using Minecraft. Make sure you create a name and theme for your new restaurant.

3) Get into the Christmas spirit and build something with a Christmas theme. How about a giant Santa, a nativity scene or a xmas tree.

4) Create the letters for a word in Minecraft. Mix up the letters and challenge someone to figure out the word. For example what is this word? N C I T A R F M E

5) Recreate your local shopping mall or centre in Minecraft. Try to make it as close as possible to the original.

6) Build a famous landmark using Minecraft.

7) Build a small village challenge!


Q1. Do you use Minecraft? How often do you use Minecraft and where and how do you use it? Home? iPad? Laptop?

Q2. What do you like about Minecraft? What makes it exciting to use?

Q3. Do you prefer to play in Survival Mode or Creative Mode? Why? What is the difference?

Q4. How did you learn to play Minecraft? What are some tips for new users?

Q5. Do you use Minecraft in your classroom? How do you use it? If you completed the challenges, please share.

Q6. Should you be able to use Minecraft in your School/classroom? Convince us! How can it help learning?

Q7. How would you like to use Minecraft in the classroom? What would you like to build?

Q8. What are the negatives about Minecraft? How can it be improved? What would you like to see in the next update?

Q9. In the video, it says, “The only limit is your imagination.” What does this mean?

Q10. Write a sentence, short story or poem using the following 3 words: Mineral, Mob and Survival.

I hope to see you all at 2pm on Thursday! I think this chat is going to be a ripper!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

W4 - Snacks, Food and Vegetables

This week's Kidsedchatnz is all about Food!

CHALLENGE: Plan and make a fun and healthy snack before Thursday and take a photo of it to tweet to us. Here's an example:


Q1. What do you think makes a snack healthy? Tweet a photo of your fun and healthy snack if you made one. (You can go to 'Eat your colours every day' to find out about foods that make you fit and healthy)

Q2. What is your favourite food and why do you like it? What would be your favourite meal? (It could be meat, fruit, vegetables or chocolate. You decide)

Q3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is this true? Why?

Q4. Do you think it is important to learn how to cook food? Why? What food preparation jobs do you do?

Q5. Does your school provide any extra food for you? Milk in schools, fruits etc... Do you enjoy this?

Q6. What does 'You are what you eat' mean?

Q7. 5+ a day - what is this and do you eat 5+ a day? Do you think it is important?

Q8. Does your school have a garden? What's in it? How does it work?

Q9. Do you grow food at home? What do you grow? Do you enjoy homegrown food and why?

Q10. Make a short story, sentence or poem using the following 3 words: Chicken, Taste, Boiling.

How many vegetables can you name in English, Maori, Samoan and Tongan? Click here to find out.