Monday, 26 June 2017

My home region

This week our questions are from the fantastic team at Te Mata Primary School in Hawke's Bay. Thanks for the great questions!

This term Te Mata School Room 39 have been looking at our home region for our inquiry and its place in the world. These are some of the thinking questions that we used early on in our inquiries to start our thinking about Hawkes Bay’s place in the world. It’s a pretty awesome place to live! We would like to hear all about your region and what makes it special!

Before this week's chat check out the videos.

We are looking forward to hearing all about where in New Zealand we all tweet from.

  1. What are some of the things that make your region so special to you?
  2. What are some of the “ fun play” resources that you can use, that are in your local area?
  3. In Hawkes Bay we have wine as a big industry here. Are there industries or businesses in your region that are special to your area?
  4. Why/how have those industries been established there?
  5. What are the most fun things to do in your region?
  6. What places would you take a tourist in your area? Why?
  7. Are there any 'secret' spots that only locals know about?
  8. If you could live in another place in New Zealand, where would it be and why?

See you all on Friday.

Monday, 19 June 2017


Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster known as the Pleiades. Traditionally for Māori when it appeared just before dawn in late May or early June, it signaled the start of the Māori New Year. In traditional times, Matariki was a season to celebrate and to prepare the ground for the coming year. Today Matariki means celebrating the unique place in which we live and giving respect to the land we live on.

This year Matariki will begin on 25 June.  You can get a chance to see Matariki if you get up very early in the morning.

Learn a little more about Matariki with these videos:


Q1. What do you think Matariki is all about?

Q2. What does the rising of Matariki signal to Māori?

Q3. What does Matariki mean to you and your family? Share with us how you celebrate it.

Q4. How are you celebrating Matariki at your School?

Q5. Matariki is a cluster of stars.  Do you know of any other star clusters or constellations in our southern skies?

Q6. In your opinion is Matariki important enough to be recognised as a National Holiday in NZ, if so why?

Q7. What is something that you have learned about Matariki that you did not know before?

Q8. What are your favourite party foods?

Q9. Discover what year you were born in using a calendar of your choice (eg. Chinese). Share with us what you found out.

Bonus (before or after the chat):
Find out all about the Matariki constellation by playing this interactive game.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Health & Nutrition

This week's questions have been complied by Room 1 at Lynmore School and their teacher Tracey Dillner. Thank you so much guys!

A little bit more about them:
"In Room 1 at Lynmore School, Rotorua, we have been learning about healthy eating. To spark our thinking we watched videos about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They were so shocking, surprising and fascinating! 
Since then, we have had a nutritionist come to visit us. She told us about the Healthy Plate Model which is composed of ¼ protein, ¼ carbs and ½ vegetables/fruit. 
Lately, we have also created an item for our weekly school assembly about healthy, nutritious eating and it is based on Family Feud, with 'commercials' from Master Chef and Survivor NZ. The survivors are not at their healthiest because they are only eating burnt rice and beans. Their bodies need more fresh fruit and vegetables if they are going to be fueled for challenges and fight illnesses. "

Here are their questions:

Q1. How did you feel when you saw how people in Huntington, West Virginia? Would you want to make a change if you lived there?

Q2. Would you eat the chicken nuggets that were served in the Huntington schools? Why or why not?

Q3. In Jamie Oliver’s video, were you surprised about the bad chicken nuggets? Why/why not?

Q4. What was Jamie Oliver’s main reason for a food revolution? How do you think he felt?

Q5. What types of food can you enjoy on special occasions and why?

Q6. Do you have any special celebratory cultural dishes in your family/school community?

Q7. If you had to survive on a desert island, what three types of food would you have and why?

Q8.Name a food that is good for your body and one that is bad for your body. What effects do they have on you?

Q9. Name a food that makes you feel re-energized after you eat it.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sport and its impact on your learning

Kia ora,

How could this week’s chat be about anything else but sport!
Look what is going on.....

The Lion's touring from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
NZ Under 20's Rugby World Cup
The America's Cup Semi finals.
The Black Caps are involved in the ICC Champions Trophy
Michael Venus the first Kiwi in 19 yrs to reach the quarter finals of a Grandslam
The All Whites are preparing for the Confederations Cup
Plus the Taxtic have finally won a game

I am sure I have missed a few as well......

I love playing sport, watching sport, coaching sport and seeing children take part in sport.  So today’s questions are about sport and its impact on your learning and your life!

If you get a chance before this week’s chat watch the video's first.

 This weeks questions:
Q1.What are the benefits of playing in a sports team?
Q2. Should playing in a sports team be compulsory for children at primary school? Explain why.
Q3. What role does a coach play in a team?
Q4. What roles do the players have in a team?
Q5. What would happen if the team and coach didn't work together?
Q6.What are the most important attributes that a sportsperson should posses?
Q7. How does sport at school help you with your learning in other subjects?
Q8. Thinking about yourself at school, who are the key people in your learning team?
Q9. What has been the most important life skills you have learnt playing sport and why?

Hei kōnā mai