Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sports, sports, sports and more sports

OK, you asked for it so here it is a whole chat dedicated to SPORTS!

New Zealand is blessed with a whole host of talented sportsmen and sportswomen.  However we often only hear about a few sports in the media.

This week my challenge to you this week is:

Search for our sporting success stories that we haven't heard about. It could be a local star, a local team, or a national team.  But lets try and find people who play sports that normally don't get media coverage.  Bonus points if can connect with them via Twitter!

I want to keep it 'Kiwi' this week with sports, but thought this was an amazing sport that had to be shared!

Lots to discuss in this week's chat. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Wednesday at 2pm. 

Please remember to update your class' bio on Twitter - we like to connect with each other. This information helps us to see where you are from, and what year level you are. It's also really important that your teacher's Twitter handle is included on the bio.


1.What are the most important attributes that a sportsperson should posses?

2. What are the benefits of playing in a sports team?

3. Should playing in a sports team be compulsory for children at primary school?

4. How do you cope with failures on the sports field?

5. Children often get hurt or injured playing sports. Should children be allowed to play risky contact sports when there is a risk of being hurt?

6. What has been the most important life skills you have learnt playing sport and why?

7. If you could choose a New Zealand sportsperson to have breakfast with who would it be?

8.How does sport at school help you with your learning in other subjects?  

9.What is your favourite sport to play and why?

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Inquiry Learning

An Inquiry helps you to get answers to questions and issues while you construct new knowledge. We look forward to hearing how and if you use an inquiry model in your class during our chat in Week 7.


Q1. How do you begin (or what are the steps you follow for) an inquiry study in your class?

Q2. Do you have an input into what your inquiry will be about?

Q3. During an inquiry do you work co-operatively and collaboratively to solve problems or on your own? Why and how?

Q4. Are you learning through asking questions or do you just have to remember facts? Which do you think is the best way to learn?

Q5. What different types of questions are there and what is the reason for asking these questions?

Q6. What kinds of questions do you think would help with an inquiry? Can you give some examples that you have recently used?

Q7. Are there any apps that you use to help you with/in your inquiry? What are they and how do you use them?

Q8. Do you use Genius Hour/20 Time and / or Maker movement (or any other) for an inquiry focus? Why and how?

Q9. Can you share something new that you have learnt during an inquiry?

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Arts

Art can be influenced by culture and for many years people have expressed themselves through art. Our Week 6 chat will be dedicated around the topic 'The Arts'.


Q1. What kind of art do you like and why?

Q2. What is one thing you have learnt in the Arts this year?

Q3. What materials have you used to create your artwork this year? What is your favourite material and why?

Q4. What do you think has been your best piece of artwork this year and why?

Q5. What stories have you told with your artwork? What is one kind of art special to your culture?

Q6. Can you share with us any digital art resources / app / websites that you use?

Q7. Who are some famous artists in / from NZ?  Who are they and what are they famous for? (eg. movies, opera, painting)

Q8. Do you think music and dancing are forms of art? Why / why not?

Q9. What do you think life would be like without art?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Being a Kiwi

Our Week 5 chat is all about celebrating being a New Zealander and all the beautiful cultures that we have here in NZ. 

Here are some interesting challenges to help you along the way:
  • Redesign a piece of kiwiana using another culture as inspiration.
  • Create a visual or digital mihi, pepeha or biopoem. A template for a biopoem is here.
  • Write a poem about being a New Zealander.
  • Write or draw to explain the whakatauki: "He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!" which translates into "What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people!"
  • Plan a time capsule to showcase New Zealand - what would you put in it? 


Q1. Where were you born and how long have you lived in NZ?

Q2. What languages can you speak? or what language would you like to learn and why?

Q3. What are the best and worst things about living in NZ?

Q4. How many cultures/nationalities are there in your class or school? What are they?

Q5. What is something that you have learned about a different culture?

Q6. What would you put in a time capsule to celebrate NZ culture?

Q7. If you could make another NZ public holiday, what would it be and why? Eg Matariki, Diwali, Chinese New Years or something else.

Q8. What does being a New Zealander or Kiwi mean to you? How does it make you feel?

Please be ready to share one of the challenges you've completed with us.