Thursday, 2 April 2015

ANZAC Chat - Tweets of the Week!

Awesome Twitter chat yesterday everyone! I was so proud of all of you. All of the tweets were of a high quality, lots of children were starting conversations with each other and everyone did a great job of sharing their new learning about ANZAC Day. 

The tweets of the week this week go to @Room11GMS and @hunua3. 

If you're looking for a good ANZAC story to read over the holidays or for the beginning of Term 2 you may like to read some of these:

Caesar the ANZAC Dog - By Patricia Stroud

The Red Poppy - By David Hill

The Poppy - By Andrew Plant

ANZAC Biscuit - By Phil Cummings

The Bantam and the Soldier - By Jennifer Beck

Simpson and his Donkey - By Mark Greenwood

Grandad's Medal - By Tracy Duncan

My Brother's War - By David Hill

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