Monday, 19 March 2018

Telling a Story

A very exciting week this week! We will be talking about telling stories. We are even going on a field trip to India!

Some people express and tell stories through different ways. Artists tell stories with their creations. Musicians can tell stories through songs. Dancers create stories with their movement.

Stories are a way we can express ourselves. We would love to have a chat about how you best like to share your stories. We would love for you to have a piece of work, writing, etc to share with us all.

We would love for you to share something you have created. You could take a picture of a piece of writing you are proud, you could create an artwork that tells a story. We would love to have lots of stories this week!

Q1: What do you think a story needs to make it really interesting?

Q2:What other ways could you tell a story to someone?

Q3: What do you think would be the best way to tell a story for you? E.g. dance, music, drama

Q4: Could you share with us a picture of a story you are proud of, or art work?

(If you don’t have one you could leave a comment on other work)

Q5:: What do you think the technical art house work artist is trying to tell you through his piece of art? Link to artwork

Q6: What things can infer about the people in the piece of artwork?

Q7: What is your favourite story and why do you enjoy it so much?

Q8: Can you create a story for us? You won’t be able to use many words!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Your Success - Who is responsible?

This week’s chat is all about ‘not giving up’.  
We are over half-way through term one and we thought this was the perfect time to chat about what to do when things get hard!

With your teacher or by yourself watch the following videos before our chat.  They may help develop your thinking around having the ‘courage to continue’.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

1. "Failures open the doors to success!" Tell us about a time when you failed with something? 

2. Tell us about a time when you had success? What did you do to achieve success?

3. We are responsible for our own success and learning. Do you agree or disagree?

4. What is a challenge you have faced this year? Explain what happened.

5. There's no such thing as an overnight success. What does this mean? Do you agree?

6. Why do we give up? What can we do to avoid giving up in the future? Who can help us?

7. "If you do what is easy, your life will be hard." What is this trying to tell us?

8. Inner confidence and self-belief are the keys to success. Do you agree or disagree?

9. Who is responsible for your success?

See you on Wednesday :)

Monday, 5 March 2018

How Well Do We Know Our Teachers?

How well do we know our teachers?

This week is get to know your teacher time? As teachers we get to know a lot about our students, their families, their hobbies, likes/dislikes etc.

How well do you know your teacher?

This may require a bit of work before you start the twitter chat on Wednesday. Have fun
You will need to interview them as a class or as individuals to try and get the best answers you can fo this. (Try and guess the answers first before you ask them to see how well you do know them)
  1. What schools did your teacher go to when they were growing up?

  1. What is your favourite thing about your teacher and why is that important to you.

  1. What does your teacher enjoy doing when they are away from school?

  1. What made them want to be a teacher?

  1. What is it about your school that your teacher likes the most?

  1. Why are you his/her favourite students?

  1. If your teacher could do another job what would it be and why?

  1. What do you think your teacher would be great at if they were not a teacher?

  1. Why do you think it is important that you get to know your teacher?(Do you know how many hours on average you spend with your teacher?)

  1. If you were your teacher what would you do differently to make your classroom better?

Sunday, 25 February 2018

KidedchatNZ Census

Roll call! This year is a Census year. A census is a big question form that gathers lots of information about all the people in New Zealand. The census only happens every 5 years. It is a snapshot of the New Zealand population on one night every five years and is compulsory to complete. If there is one this year can you work out when the last one was?

Creative Commons Image

So this year it is time for the Kidsedchat census so we can find out more about YOU and what you want to chat about this term! Is there a topic you would love to see discussed? Do you have similar interests to someone at another school in New Zealand? Join us on Wednesday at 2pm to find out.

Here are the questions for this years Kids Chat Census
You might like to use the data we gather to make a graph and show it off next week!

Q1: What is your favourite subject at school and why?

Q2: Do you have any pets? What are they?

Q3: What is your favourite food?

Q4: What is your favourite sport?

Q5: What is your favourite hobby?

Q6:The Census video talks about finding out if there are enough parks do you have a park near you? Do you think your town/city needs something else to play on?

Q7: What topic would you love to see us do a Kids Chat about?

Q8: Why do you think this topic would be interesting for others?

Q9: What would one of your questions be for others if you created a Kids Chat?

Q10: Why do you think the government does a Census every 5 years?

Monday, 19 February 2018

Creativity, Passion, Talent and Inventive Thinking CC0 
Creative Commons

This week's topic is about your creativity, passion, talent and inventive thinking.

Part of the chat is flipped so make sure you watch the Kid President's
YouTube clip on how to be an inventor. You may also like to physically create or just draw a picture of something you would invent to make the world more awesome. There will be an opportunity for you to share your inventions during the chat. 

    Teachers, you may also like to watch the 'Creativity Takes Time' YouTube clip yourself and do this mini lesson with your class. 

  1. What are your interests, talents or passions?
  2. How do you get to learn about your interests in the classroom? Give us an example. 
  3. Do you think it's important for children to have time each week to learn about something that they're interested in? Why?
  4. What is the world's most important invention so far? How does it affect your life?
  5. The Kid President wanted to invent a Catuum Cleaner. What would you like to invent to make the world more awesome? *Opportunity to share a photo via a tweet here. 
  6. "In 2006, Facebook was in its infancy, Twitter was being launched, and nobody had iPhones." Twelve years on, the world is a very different place, and so is the workplace. What jobs do you think there will be in 10 years time? Have a read of this article from the World Economic Forum.

7. Inventive thinking requires taking risks, being curious and thinking skills. How do you do this in the classroom?

8. Is creativity important? How can we encourage creativity in the classroom?

9.Sometimes we get stuck with our learning and have to problem solve. What does good problem solving look like?
@Juliet_Revell will be your moderator and I hope that you will all be using the great digital citizenship skills that you are learning. 

Make sure that your teacher's name is listed in your twitter bio so that we can contact them if necessary. Remember, we don't use emojis. Emojis are for informal writing. We are representing our schools and showing our values. 

See you Wednesday at 2pm.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Rules and Values - What are they good for?

Rules and Values - What are they good for?

Week 3 Term One 2018

Rules and Values - What are they good for?

1. What are rules and values?

2. Why do we have these in our classroom, school and community?

3. What are some of the rules in your classroom?

4. How do your classroom rules influence your learning?

5. What would your classroom be like if you had no rules and you could do whatever you wanted?

6. If you could make a rule for your class what would it be?

7. What are your school values and how are they displayed?

8. How do you think your school values link to your learning in your classroom?

9. What are your family values that have importance to you and why?

10. Find someone else’s twitter answer to question 9 that is similar to yours and share what makes them similar and what affect this value may have on your life as you grow up.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

How Are You Going To Be More Awesome In 2018?

Creative Commons image from

We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and that this
year will be a great one for everyone!

Information for 2018 as follows:
  • Our first chat will be held on: Wednesday 7th February
  • Time: Wednesday between 2:00 - 2:45
  • Blog posts: Questions will be posted on the blog
    a week before the chat on a Thursday afternoon.

We look forward to chatting with you again this year!

Q1. How are you going to be more awesome in your learning
this year?

Q2. What is one thing you will do to make this year great?

Q3. What are you looking forward to most this year and why?

Q4. Describe your current learning environment.

Q5. What do you need to work on this year? What are your goals?
How are you going to achieve them?

Q6. What are the things that drive your learning?
What are the things that block your learning?

Q7. Kid President said, "Life is School, you gotta show up."
What does this mean to you as a learner?

Q8. What would you like to learn about this year?

Q9. Reflecting on your learning last year, what piece of advice
would you have given yourself?

See you Week 2 Wednesday!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Digital Citizenship & The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in over 180 countries. It takes place during Computer Science Education Week December 4-10
Anyone, anywhere can organise an Hour of Code event. No experience needed. 

There are currently 
 and 325 of these are in New Zealand.

Sign your school up! Take a look and see what's involved.

When we are online, we have to be Cyber Smart.  Are you a good digital citizen?


With the advent of social media, mobile devices in the classroom and a range of e-learning tools in the classroom it is more important than ever that students are aware of the long term effects of leaving their digital footprint and learn to become good cyber citizens. 
The concept of digital citizenship needs to be embedded in all aspects of work in schools with e-learning tools.
A good way to start this is to build awareness of what it means to be a good citizen in our community -  local, national and global. 
So what is a good citizen? 


Q1.  What do you use the internet for most? What's the first site that you go? 

Q2.  How can we encourage more children to learn to code? Will you get involved in the #hourofcode?

Q3.  Who teaches you about staying safe online? 

Q4.  What are the best ways for learning about online safety?

Q5.  What is a digital footprint and why are they important? Watch this video to help with your answer. 
Q6.  What are some important things to consider when taking part in KidsedchatNZ?

Q7.  Should schools be using social media in the classroom and why?

Q8.  How do we know which websites and people to trust on-line?

Q9.  Does anyone know any website/resources or Apps to share about Cyber safety?

See you on Wednesday at 2pm

Saturday, 18 November 2017

My learning and how I connect with it...

Nau mai, Haere mai,

Term 4 is almost over, we've had a whole year of hard work and plenty of great fun with Kidsedchatnz. Our topics have included; Coding, Health & Nutrition , Science,  and family. We have learnt some amazing things from all of the children taking part and it is always proving to me how important it is to be a learner.  In class, my children are teaching me how to create stop animations using plasticine and I'm always learning ways to be a better teacher or parent, but all of this requires hard work.

This week WE have three challenges for you before taking part in Kidsedchatnz:
1 - Find or make up a great quote about learning, make it into a poster or meme and share it with us on Wednesday.
2 - Talk to another child and identify what they want to be learning in 10 years? Why?
3 - Ask an adult about their learning, what are they learning and how does this make them feel.


Your questions for this week:
  1. What have you learnt about  so far in term 4? Has it been easy or difficult to learn? Why?
  2. What is something (eg a sport, hobbies, cultural etc) that you have learnt outside of school? Why do you do take part in these activities?
  3. What words would you use to describe term 4 for you and your class?
  4. What praise has your teacher given you this term?
  5. What has been one challenge that you have faced in term 4? How have you beaten this challenge?
  6. What advice do your teachers, friends and families give you about learning? What does it mean? Share any posters or memes you have made.
  7. What do you think you will be doing in 10 years and what will you be learning?
  8. What does it mean to be a life long learner and why is this important?
Hei kōnā mai.
See you on Wednesday at 2pm

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Classrooms of the future

Classrooms of the future

Righto, get those imaginations going! We want you to think about your current classroom and what a classroom could look like in the future.

This weeks questions:

1.Give the @kidsedchatnz viewers a short tour of your room? Photos or video.

    2.What about your classroom do you really like?

      3.What are the things that you find difficult with your classroom?

        4.What would you do in your classroom to improve it?

          5.What is your favourite piece of furniture in your classroom? Why?

            6.If you have no budget what one thing would you buy for your classroom that would help your learning? Why?

              7.What would your dream classroom look like? Read some of the other tweets and see what people add. Use the reply feature on twitter to comment on people’s ideas.

                8.What would the technology look like that you would use in your dream classroom?

                  9.What would a classroom look like in ten years time?

                  Monday, 6 November 2017

                  Making Digital Connections

                   Week 4 - Making Connections

                  Each week we all come together to connect from across Aotearoa.  I am keen to make sure we all get to know each other a bit better as this would help make the connections more authentic. Wouldn't it be cool if some of the connections we make here each week be developed further!  

                  This year we have welcomed lots of new classrooms to the @kidsedchatnz whanau so along with all the other classrooms it makes kidsedchatnz an awesome place to connect beyond our classroom walls. Sharing and connecting with new buddies from around NZ. 

                  Remember for these connections to happen we need to take the first step and put ourselves out there! So this weeks chat is all about you and your classroom, and hopefully developing some connections!

                  #keycompetencies #relatingtoothers


                  1. Introduce your classroom.  (sharing a photo or short video would be awesome).
                  2. Where in New Zealand is your School? Describe the location - share a map if you can :)
                  3. How many students, teachers, and classrooms does your school have?
                  4. Share something about your classroom that makes it special. (Photo or video opportunity)
                  5. Share something about your School that makes it special. (Photo or video opportunity)
                  6. What is your class learning about this term?  (Connect with other classrooms with the same topic)
                  7. Share your School's values, your classroom rules/treaty, the school motto, or whakatauki.
                  8. Do you have some learning that you are proud of this term?  Take a photo and tweet it!
                  9. What classrooms have you connected with today?  Did you connect with  a classroom in a different part of NZ?