Friday, 30 August 2013

#kidsedchatnz Touchcast

Check out this Touchcast that one of the kids in R5, Russell Street School made about #kidsedchatnz! I think they did a great job!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday 4th September - Topic: Maths

This week's topic for #kidsedchatnz is Maths!

Q1. What have you been learning about in Maths?

Q2. Tell/Explain a Maths strategy that you have learnt this year?

Q3. What are some of your favourite activities that you have done in Maths this year?

Q4. Why is it important to learn about Maths?

Q5. What are some of your favourite Maths Apps that you use in class?

Today's #kidsedchat Session

Today's #kidsedchatnz session was going off! 340 tweets between 10 classes is not a bad effort! Check out R2 at Maraekakaho School and R5 at Russell Street. This is what I call engagement!

Topic - Writing

Today was a great turn out for #kidsedchatnz with well over 300 tweets posted in 1 hour! Check out this Storify of all the tweets #kidsedchatnz!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Wednesday 28th August - Topic: Writing

This week's topic for #kidsedchatnz is Writing!

Q1. What have you been learning about in writing this year?

Q2. What are some of the topics you have written about?

Q3. What makes a good writer?

Q4. How important is the reader when you write?

Q5. What are some of the things you have enjoyed doing in writing this year?

We look forward to seeing everyone at 2pm on Wednesday the 28th August!

Welcome To #kidsedchatnz

Welcome to the home of Kidsedchatnz! Kidsedchatnz is a New Zealand school's twitter chat that takes part every Wednesday between 2-3pm.

The aim of Kidsedchatnz is to motivate kids to be active, engaged and connected learners.

Kidsedchatnz was created in 2012 and is currently co-organised by Pascal Dresse, Stephen Baker, Reid Walker, Simone Gentil, Juliet Revell, Marnel van der Spuy and Marcelle Natusch.

To take part in Kidsedchatnz you need to first create a class twitter account. This is free and can be done by clicking here!

Once you have done this you need to get your twitter name added to the Kidsedchatnz twitter list. To do this you need to send a tweet to @kidsedchatnz and I will add you straight away.

You need to get your name on the Kidsedchatnz Twitter list as it allows all the classes taking part to see your tweets.

Once you are on the Kidsedchatnz Twitter list you need to subscribe and follow the list during the session. You can subscribe to the list by clicking here. Here's a video that will help you do this!

An easy way to follow the Kidsedchatnz Twitter list tweets is to use Tweetdeck. Here is a video that explains how to use it.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by e-mail at

I hope all this makes sense and we look forward to seeing your class at the next Kidsedchatnz session!