Monday, 25 May 2015

Grandad's Letter

This week's Kidsedchatnz is based on the following letter. Please read it with your class before coming to the chat.

James K. Flanagan passed away on September 3, 2012. He left behind this powerful letter for his 5 grandchildren. In truth, this letter holds great advice for us all

1. Each one of you is a wonderful gift to your family and to all the world. Remember it always, especially when the cold winds of doubt and discouragement fall upon your life. 

2. Be not afraid . . . of anyone or of anything when it comes to living your life most fully. Pursue your hopes and your dreams no matter how difficult or "different" they may seem to others. The worst thing in life is to look back and say: "I would have; I could have; I should have." Take risks, make mistakes. 

3. Everyone in the world is just an ordinary person. Some people may wear fancy hats or have big titles or have power and want you to think they are above the rest. Don't believe them. They have the same doubts, fears, and hopes; they eat, drink, sleep, and fart like everyone else. 

4. Make a Life List of all those things you want to do: travel to places; learn a skill; master a language; meet someone special. Make it long and do some things from it every year. Don't say "I'll do it tomorrow" (or next month or next year). That is the surest way to fail to do something. There is no tomorrow, and there is no "right" time to begin something except now. 

5. Be kind and go out of your way to help people -- especially the weak, the fearful, and children. Everyone is carrying a special sorrow, and they need our compassion. 

6. Read books, as many as you can. They are a wonderful source of delight, wisdom, and inspiration. They need no batteries or connections, and they can go anywhere. 

7. Travel: always but especially when you are young. Don't wait until you have "enough" money or until everything is "just right." That never happens. Get your passport today. 

8. Pick your job or profession because you love to do it. Sure, there will be some things hard about it, but a job must be a joy. Beware of taking a job for money alone -- it will cripple your soul. 

9. Don't yell. It never works, and it hurts both yourself and others. Every time I have yelled, I have failed. 

10. Live in harmony with Nature: go into the outdoors, woods, mountains, sea, desert. It's important for your soul. 

11. Hug people you love. Tell them how much they mean to you now; don't wait until it's too late. 

12. Be grateful. There is an Irish saying: "This is a day in our lives, and it will not come again." Live every day with this in mind. 


Q1. Do you think it was a good idea for the Granddad to write down his advice? Why?

Q2. Which piece of advice is your favourite and why?

Q3. Create your own piece of advice or find a cool quote to add to the list.

Q4. How much time do you spend with your grandparents? Do they give you any advice?

Q5. Do you agree with the statement, "Everyone in the world is just an ordinary person." Why/Why not?

Q6. Number 8 says pick a job that you love. What job would you pick and why?

Q7. Number 6 says read books. Do you like reading books? What book would you recommend? 

Q8. Number 11 says tell people how much they mean to you now. Have you got a message to someone special in your life?

Q9. What are 3 dreams/things that you would like to achieve in your life?

Q10. Write a sentence, poem or story using the following 3 words: Life - History - Family

I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Your School

Click on the picture to view a message from the surface of the earth...

This week our topic is 'Your School'

Here are our questions:
  1. What do you like about your school / What makes your school special?
  2. Does your school have any special physical features? Describe its layout and physical features.
  3. Where exactly is your school and how many students and teachers does your school have?
  4. Describe your classroom. What does it look like? 
  5. How would you like your learning to happen in the classroom?
  6. Is there anything you would like to change at your school/in class? What is it?
  7. Do you think it is good to have your own blog? Why?
  8. What other technologies are you using in your learning? Tell us why you are you using them.
  9. What fun things do you like to do when it is raining during lunch time?
  10. Tell us what you liked about school today.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tweet of the Week - The Food Revolution

Thanks for the wonderful sharing of ideas yesterday everyone. The Food Revolution was clearly a topic that gave us all a great deal to chew over!

I found it very difficult to choose, because all of the schools that are participating are sharing and crafting their tweets to a very high standard. Ka mau te wehi! You are awesome.

The tweet of the week goes to Harry of @MahoraRm6 and his @MahoraRm15 helpers. Apologies for any perceived bias, but this tweet captured me this week.

A special mention to @Room2Auroa for their fantastic tweeting. This was a thoughful tweet from Renee.

Great work Team. See you next week.

+Juliet Revell

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week 4 Chat: The Food Revolution

“By educating children about food in a practical, fun and engaging way, we can provide them with the knowledge and skills they so urgently need to lead healthier, happier lives." Jamie Oliver 

Image from

We are lucky that our curriculum in New Zealand enables our teachers to teach children about healthy eating. Jamie's crusade still applies to us however, as our childhood obesity rate is climbing.

How healthy is your school lunch?

You many like to watch this story from Campbell Live about pre-packaged school lunches. 

@Mahora6 and @MahoraRm15 have been exploring this topic, and the Super 15 have come up with the questions for this week's chat. 


Q1. How can we make sure all children have the chance/opportunity to have healthy meals at school?

Q2. Should the Government be responsible for providing healthy options?  Why?

Q3. Do you think that Schools should only have ‘Healthy’ bought lunch options for children to buy?

Q4. Do you think people would buy less or more bought lunches if only healthy options were available?

Q5. How do you know if something is healthy?

Q6. What is your favourite cereal to eat in the morning? Do you add sugar to it?

Q7. Should every school have a garden to grow vegetables?

Q8. What would the ingredients be in your DREAM sandwich?

See on Wednesday at 2pm.

Juliet Revell

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tweet of the Week

Thanks everyone for another great Kidsedchatnz today! It was awesome to see some new classes mixed in with our regulars!

So who won Tweet of the Week? Well here are the tweets that stood out for me!

And Tweet of the Week goes to.....

Monday, 4 May 2015


This weeks Kidsedchatnz is all about family. With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday I thought this would be a cool topic for us to chat about!

Try to watch the video below before the session to understand more about how important families are. 


1. Who makes up your family? What position were you born in your family? Oldest? Youngest? Middle? What's it like being that position?

2. What is special about your family? What do you love about your family?

3. Would you prefer to be in a big family or small family? Why?

4. Do you have any family traditions? (Holidays, fun activities etc)

5. How often do you spend time with your grandparents? Do you think it's important to spend time with them?

6. What's the best piece of advice a family member has given you?

7. Share a story about your family. What's something interesting or funny we can learn about them?

8. Kid President has a list of 10 things every Mum needs to know. What would you add to the list? 

9. It's Mother's day on Sunday, can you send a special message to your Mum?

10. Just for fun! Make a poem, sentence or story using these 3 words: Kind, Proud, Hero.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!