Thursday, 28 July 2016

Focus the Spotlight on Learning

On Wednesday 3 August, we will focus the spotlight on your learning...

Did you know:
- Learning new things is like water and sunshine to the brain
- Learning makes the brain grow stronger
- Your brain will become stronger when you exercise it
- Your brain will become heavier, but don't worry, it doesn't grow in size

- You can change your ability through effort
- You can succeed, it might only need a lot of practice


Q1. What do you like about being back for Term 3 / What makes it special?

Q2. Are you aware of any special things that you will be involved in this term? What will it be?

Q3. Thinking about the video, what could you do if things get hard in your learning?

Q4. Do you think you can become smarter? How?

Q5. What might stop your brain from growing?

Q6. How would you like your learning to happen in the classroom this term?

Q7. Is there anything you would like to change in your class to help with your learning? What is it?

Q8. Is it o.k. to make mistakes? Why or why not?

Q9. Do you use technologies in your learning? Tell us how it helps you with your learning.

Q10. Tell us what you liked about school today.