Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week 7 Food and nutrition

This week our questions are all about food and nutrition. There are some activities you may need to do before Wednesday. Have fun!

  1. Why do you think it is important to eat healthily?
  2. Take a photo of your lunch box if you can and share it with us. How many healthy items do you have? How many pieces of waste do you have? eg glad wrap
  3. Does your school have a garden? What grows in it? Do you get to eat any of the food grown? What do you do with the extra produce?
  4. Do you grow food at home? What do you grow? What would you like to grow?
  5. Have a look at three nutrition labels on food in your kitchen. What information can you learn from these labels? This link may help you. How to read food labels.
Screenshot 2015-03-15 at 9.04.56 PM.png
  1. Find a recipe (from home or google) that uses your favourite fruit or vege.
  2. Create a menu that you could serve your family for tea that is healthy. If you cook this meal this week, share some photos of your family enjoying it. (Remember to ask permission to share photos of your family!)
  3. Name the main food groups and examples from each group. This link may help you! Nutrition Foundation
  4. Look at this picture. Discuss with a buddy an alternative to another unhealthy choice.

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