Friday, 6 March 2015

Inventive Thinking, Creativity, Passion & Talent

This week's topic is about your creativity, passion, talent and inventive thinking.

Part of the chat is flipped so make sure you watch the Kid President's
YouTube clip on how to be an inventor. You may also like to physically create or just draw a picture of something you would invent to make the world more awesome. There will be an opportunity for you to share your inventions during the chat. 

    Teachers, you may also like to watch the 'Creativity Takes Time' YouTube clip yourself and do this mini lesson with your class. 

  1. What are your interests, talents or passions?
  2. How do you get to learn about your interests in the classroom? Give us an example. 
  3. Do you think it's important for children to have time each week to learn about something that they're interested in? Why?
  4. What is the world's most important invention so far? How does it affect your life?
  5. The Kid President wanted to invent a Catuum Cleaner. What would you like to invent to make the world more awesome? *Opportunity to share a photo via a tweet here. 
  6. The top 10 jobs in 2013 didn't exist in 2004. What jobs do you think there will be in 10 years time?
  7. Inventive thinking requires taking risks, being curious and thinking skills. How do you do this in the classroom?
  8. Is creativity important? How can we encourage creativity in the classroom?
  9. Sometimes we get stuck with our learning and have to problem solve. What does good problem solving look like?
@Reidteachnz will be your moderator and I hope that you will all be using the great digital citizenship skills you discussed last week.

See you Wednesday at 2pm.

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  1. Absolutely loved this today! The students are still buzzing about the discussions. Can't wait for next week's discussion. We really appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting this together each week. Room 3 Hunua School and @cossie29. :-)


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