Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 8 - Science Superheroes

Nanogirl is New Zealand's own science superhero and she is working hard to encourage more children to learn about science. Recently she was the star of What Now, she has visited many schools and often talks to teachers about science in the classroom. Why does she think science is so important for us to learn about?

This week is all about Science and to get you excited about science here are 2 great videos from Nanogirl. You could also watch Nanogirl on What Now by clicking on this link Nanogirl on What Now The times she is on the show are minute 9:48, 18:10, 42:52, 1:10:33 and 1:40:47.

Nanogirl has also conducted a project where she did 100 experiments in 100 days with kids from around NZ, this can be seen here. I highly recommend having a go at some of these experiments this week, either at school or at home with your family. I can't wait to try the Super Taster experiment from Day 55 with my class at Henderson North School.

I hope you can all manage to do an experiment or two, make sure you take photos or videos, and watch the Nanogirl videos before Thursday.

Our questions will be as follows:

Q1. Why do you like learning about science and doing science experiments?

Q2.  What science problems/questions do you really want to solve or answer? Why?

Q3. Nanogirl likes taking natural objects (like the broccoli in the video) and copying their superpowers. What cool superpower would you like to copy from a natural object?

Q4. Nanogirl likes 'Fracture mechanics' or breaking something to see how it works. What would you like to break to see how it works?

Q5. What science have you done at school this week and what did you learn? Make sure you include photos or videos.

 Q6. What science topics have you done at school this year? What did it make you wonder about the world?

Q7. What is the most amazing thing you have learnt doing science at school or home?

Q8. Why do you think it is important to learn science at school? Do we do enough science at school?

Q9. What is the next science experiment you want to do at school? What do you think will happen and why?

Q10. Do you use any Apps, websites or books to help you learn about science?

I can't wait to talk to you all on Thursday. Now where did I put that dry ice...

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