Sunday, 17 June 2018


Kia ora everyone!

This week we want to talk about sustainability. This means doing things
that we can keep on doing without hurting our environment.
We want to know what this means for you.
What do you do at home and at school to help your environment.
Do you have any good ideas of how we can help our environment?
We would love to hear your ideas.

The enviro leaders from Hawea Flat School have a challenge for you.
You will need some newspaper to create your very own rubbish bag.
Leave your bag out and see how much rubbish you use each week
and if you can cut anything out.

Here is the link to their video you can add a video on the grid of you
making your own or add how much rubbish you have collected.

Password: Enviroschool

Feel free to add any ideas you have on how we can help our environment to this padlet
Made with Padlet

What does Sustainability look like in your local community?


1. What does sustainability mean to you?

2. What things do you do in your school that show sustainability?

3. How would you include sustainability practises into your day? Can you add some ideas of how you could help our environment to the padlet

4. Have seen any sustainable practises in you community?

5. Watch the video and take some time to make a rubbish holder post a photo of it if you can

6. List somethings that you could do at school to reduce your school’s carbon footprint.

7. What would you say to other students in your school about what they could do to develop sustainable practises at home and school?

See you Wednesday

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