Sunday, 24 June 2018

Plastic Straws Suck.

We are carrying on with looking at ways to help our environment!
Thanks for sharing your ideas last week! This week we are looking at single use
plastic straws.

Did you know that everyday we use enough straws to wrap around the world four times!?
Scientists think that at the moment there could be more than 5.2 trillion bits of
plastic in our oceans.

We want to take action this week, what can you do or design to help solve
the plastic straw problem?

We want to talk about your ideas! Can you design/make something to
solve this problem?

Room nine and ten did some persuasive writing to our local cafes to see if they
could stop using plastic straws.

Last week we started to track our rubbish, were you surprised how much you used?
Are you able to cut down on plastic?
If you have any great ideas make sure you put them onto the rubbish bag
flip grid

Password: Enviroschool

Take a look at these two links:


Q1: Do you think you could live without straws? Why/why not?


Q2: What did Molly Steer do about plastic straws? (Ted Talk Straw No More)

Q3: Molly said that some people need to use straws why do you think this is true?

Q4: What do you think you could do to help out the plastic problem?

Q5: What could you design to stop the use of plastic straws?
Feel free to post your creations if you have made something!

Q5: What questions do you have now about single use plastic items
(straws, cups, knives and forks etc)

Q6: What do you think you could do to cut down you waste?

Q7: Did you create a paper bag last week? How much rubbish did you collect?

Q8: How do you think you could convince someone else to stop using single use plastic?\

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