Monday, 5 June 2017

Sport and its impact on your learning

Kia ora,

How could this week’s chat be about anything else but sport!
Look what is going on.....

The Lion's touring from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
NZ Under 20's Rugby World Cup
The America's Cup Semi finals.
The Black Caps are involved in the ICC Champions Trophy
Michael Venus the first Kiwi in 19 yrs to reach the quarter finals of a Grandslam
The All Whites are preparing for the Confederations Cup
Plus the Taxtic have finally won a game

I am sure I have missed a few as well......

I love playing sport, watching sport, coaching sport and seeing children take part in sport.  So today’s questions are about sport and its impact on your learning and your life!

If you get a chance before this week’s chat watch the video's first.

 This weeks questions:
Q1.What are the benefits of playing in a sports team?
Q2. Should playing in a sports team be compulsory for children at primary school? Explain why.
Q3. What role does a coach play in a team?
Q4. What roles do the players have in a team?
Q5. What would happen if the team and coach didn't work together?
Q6.What are the most important attributes that a sportsperson should posses?
Q7. How does sport at school help you with your learning in other subjects?
Q8. Thinking about yourself at school, who are the key people in your learning team?
Q9. What has been the most important life skills you have learnt playing sport and why?

Hei kōnā mai

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