Sunday, 28 May 2017

Music in our classrooms

Kia ora Kidsedchatters,

This week here at Kidsedchatnz HQ we have been wondering about all our talented singers, songwriters, musicians, and performers, give it a go kids, and dancers who love music.

Now, I know we all have talents in certain areas...could be Maths, or soccer, swimming, dancing, BMX.  This week though we want to hear not just about talent, but we want to hear how music impacts on your learning.

Across our beautiful Motu we have many competitions that celebrate music and performing.

It could be the J-Rock, or it could be your local Pasifika Festival, or it could be the amazing teacher in your class who can rock out the guitar and get you all singing.

Make sure you watch some of the videos below before our chat on Friday.

How does music effect our Brains:

Great way to inspire your teacher to include music into your daily routine


How to follow your dreams with Music.

This weeks questions are:

1.What performing art do you most enjoy (Dance, Drama, singing, or playing an instrument) and why?

2. Do you think that music has an impact on how you feel and act? Explain.

3. Do you think having music playing while you are learning is a good idea? Why

4. What are the benefits of learning; to perform, dance, sing, or play an instrument?

5. What are some of the barriers you face when it comes to developing your musically ability?

6. If you could learn to playing an instrument, what would it be and why.

7. How often do you sing, play, dance at your school and what does your school offer to encourage this?

8. Music and musicians/artist can have a huge impact in our lives.  Who is your favourite artist and why?

9. If you had to choose one song to introduce your self what would it be and why?

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday 11:30 - 12:15.

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