Friday, 24 October 2014

Tweet of the Week - Money

What a great session we all had this week. There were plenty of well thought-out tweets and I learnt that lots of our tweeters really think about what they do with their money when they have it.

There were a few new classes this week, but you need to make sure that you get onto the subscribed list, sending @kidsedchatnz a tweet to check whether you are on the list is a good idea. That way, all the other classes following the list will see your tweets. If you are new to Kidsedchatnz we'd love it if you could fill out the mapping form on the blog. That way we can show you where all our classes are tweeting from.

I was really impressed by the quality of tweets this week, some students must have spent some great learning time getting prepared. I tweeted with Pascal last night and we decided that the favourites this week were the following tweets:



It was fantastic to see that so many of you were thinking about using your money to help others and I think all 4 of these deserved Tweet of the Week - congratulations to all 4 tweeters.

I'm looking after Kidsedchatnz again next week and I'm planning an exciting and interesting session all about being a kiwi. There will be a couple of flipped tasks/challenges so make sure you check the blog early.

Thanks again


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