Saturday, 4 October 2014

T4, W1 - Goal Setting

This week's topic for Kidsedchatnz is GOAL SETTING! I thought this would be an appropriate topic as a lot of classes set goals to kick off the term!

So before you take part in this week's Kidsedchatnz I want you to try and complete the following tasks prior to the chat. If you can't complete the tasks that's fine, you will still be able to take part in the chat.
1) Design a life poster showing how you would like your life to look in 20 years! You could cut pictures out of magazines or find pictures on the internet.

2) Write some goals for this term. Make sure they are smart goals and make sure you share them! Watch the video below to help you!

3) Make a poster with an inspiration quote about Goal Setting. You can write your own or find one on the internet.

4) Read this poem in class. Discuss its meaning and if you get time maybe write a Goal Setting poem of your own!

"He's an overnight success."
"She's an instant star."
If that's what you are waiting for,
then you won't get very far.

Behind each truly famous person
lies work, for years not hours.
They've worked towards their goals
through thorns as well as flowers.

And every time they failed
they got up and tried once more, 
or found a different pathway
to reach that distant shore. 

So work out what your goals are, 
plan the steps you need to take. 
Feel proud of your achievements,
sacrifices that you make.

We cannot all be famous,
more successful than the rest.
But, we all can feel the joy
of having done our best.



Q1. Do you think goal setting is important? Why?

Q2. What are the important things to remember when writing goals? What do you need to include?

Q3. Can you share with us any Life Posters or Goal Poems that you made? Leave a reply on someone else's tweet.

Q4. What are your goals for this term? Can you share them with us please?

Q5. How and what are you going to do to reach your goals this term? What sacrifices are you going to have to make?

Q6. Who are the people in your life that can help you reach your goals and how can they help you?

Q7. Why is sharing your goals important? How have you shared your goals this term? How else could you share your goals?

Q8. Positive thinking is important when setting goals. Can you share with us your goal poster or a motivation quote about goal setting?

Q9. Goals don't always go to plan. What are you going to do if you run into a problem?

Q10. What will it look like to reach your goals and how will it feel?

BONUS QUESTION. Make a short poem or sentence using the following 3 words: Future, Effort and Fail.

Your moderator/organiser for this week's chat is Stephen (@PalmyTeacher). I look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 2pm!

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