Sunday, 25 February 2018

KidedchatNZ Census

Roll call! This year is a Census year. A census is a big question form that gathers lots of information about all the people in New Zealand. The census only happens every 5 years. It is a snapshot of the New Zealand population on one night every five years and is compulsory to complete. If there is one this year can you work out when the last one was?

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So this year it is time for the Kidsedchat census so we can find out more about YOU and what you want to chat about this term! Is there a topic you would love to see discussed? Do you have similar interests to someone at another school in New Zealand? Join us on Wednesday at 2pm to find out.

Here are the questions for this years Kids Chat Census
You might like to use the data we gather to make a graph and show it off next week!

Q1: What is your favourite subject at school and why?

Q2: Do you have any pets? What are they?

Q3: What is your favourite food?

Q4: What is your favourite sport?

Q5: What is your favourite hobby?

Q6:The Census video talks about finding out if there are enough parks do you have a park near you? Do you think your town/city needs something else to play on?

Q7: What topic would you love to see us do a Kids Chat about?

Q8: Why do you think this topic would be interesting for others?

Q9: What would one of your questions be for others if you created a Kids Chat?

Q10: Why do you think the government does a Census every 5 years?

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