Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Classrooms of the future

Classrooms of the future

Righto, get those imaginations going! We want you to think about your current classroom and what a classroom could look like in the future.

This weeks questions:

1.Give the @kidsedchatnz viewers a short tour of your room? Photos or video.

    2.What about your classroom do you really like?

      3.What are the things that you find difficult with your classroom?

        4.What would you do in your classroom to improve it?

          5.What is your favourite piece of furniture in your classroom? Why?

            6.If you have no budget what one thing would you buy for your classroom that would help your learning? Why?

              7.What would your dream classroom look like? Read some of the other tweets and see what people add. Use the reply feature on twitter to comment on people’s ideas.

                8.What would the technology look like that you would use in your dream classroom?

                  9.What would a classroom look like in ten years time?

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