Friday, 11 March 2016

Wk 7 - Sport and Learning

Playing or learning a sport can teach us a lot of lessons for life and not just the skills involved in playing the game. Watch the video below to help you answer the questions.

1. Who are some of your favourite sports teams/people? Why do you like them?
2. Who do you think helped them become the great players/teams they are today.
3. What role does a coach play in a team?
4. What roles do the players have in a team?
5. What would happen if the team and coach didn't work together?

6. How does sport at school help you with your learning in other subjects?
7. Thinking about yourself at school, who are the key people in your learning team?
8. What role does your teacher/other staff play in your learning?
9. Do mums and dads play a role in your education? If so, how?
10. What role do you play in your learning and what can you do next to help you improve?

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