Sunday, 15 November 2015

Learning Dispositions - Values - Key Competencies

Welcome to this weeks chat. 

This week we are looking at Learning Dispositions, School Values, and the Key Competencies. We want to know how they impact on your learning and your outlook on life! 

Every School has them, they are different at every School and we all call them something different.  Whether they are plastered on display boards in the playground, stuck in your books, or displayed around your classroom. What do they mean to you as a learner and as a kid? The videos below are to get you thinking and wondering about the values people hold as important.


1.What are your School's Values? Tweet a photo of your School's Values displayed either in your classroom, playground or books. 

2.Who designed/wrote them? As a student did you get a chance have your say when they were decided? 

3.Why does every School have different 'Value Statements'? All School's are trying to educate children, shouldn't they be the same for every School?

4.How do your School's values impact on your learning?

5.How do your School's values impact on your behaviour?

6.Which of your School's values do think is the most important? Why?

7.If you had to rewrite your School's Values.  What would you change them to?

8.Tweet a photo or video of you and your friends/classmates displaying one of your School Values.

9.Outside of School what are the most important values to your family?  Why?

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