Saturday, 29 August 2015

W7 - 'Words of wisdom...'

Before taking part, watch this video...


Q1. What would your words of wisdom be to a younger student?

Q2. Leave a message about what's the most important thing to know about this year's class for next year's students.

Q3. Do you agree with the 7 year old that training wheels are for babies?

Q4. As you grow older, do you become wiser? Why?

Q5. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would it be and why?

Q6. What is one great piece of advice that someone has given you in your life?

Q7. If you are going to live a happy and successful life, what do you think are key skills that you need to learn?

Q8. "Dear 7 year old, no matter what anyone says, stay weird!" What do you think of this advice?

Q9. What is your favourite piece of advice? Why do you like it?

Q10. We all make mistakes in life. What is one mistake that you have made and what did you learn from it?

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