Friday, 22 August 2014

Week 6 - Games in the classroom

Minecraft is a game many teachers are already using in the classroom. This week we want to discuss ALL of the games you play or might like to play in class and how these help your learning. It's not just the electronic games though, don't forget about all those board games and card games that help your learning.

But first let's play some games! Before you take part in Kidsedchatnz this week try to do at least one of the following:

  • Spend some time in class playing any game (online or traditional eg, Minecraft, Scrabble, Monopoly, Once Upon A Time).
  • Build your own game and play it.
  • Reinvent a game.
  • Fill in the Google Doc for types of games you play in the classroom?
  • Art of gaming - produce a piece of art that celebrates gaming.
When you do a task make sure you take some photos or videos to share with other classes during the chat.

Questions for this week:

Q1. What are your favourite games and why?

Q2. How does gaming help with your learning?

Q3. What qualities/values/skills have you learnt from gaming?

Q4. How many learning games are being used in your classroom and which of these are the best to play?

Q5. What makes a game fun, interesting and educational?

Q6. If you could reinvent a game, what would you choose to add or change and why?

Q7. Does your class use gaming to collaborate or connect with others children from your school or elsewhere?

Q8. Do you read books or watch videos about gaming, how does this make you a better gamer or learner?

Q9. If your teacher could introduce 1 game into the classroom what should it be and how would it be used for learning?

@Reidhns1 will be your moderator using the @kidsedchatnz handle, can't wait to see you all next Thursday, but until then Happy Gaming!

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