Friday, 8 August 2014

W4 - Maths

This week is New Zealand Maths Week so I thought it would be appropriate for Kidsedchatnz to be about Maths!

Below is a whole lot of different Maths tasks that you can get your class to complete during the week. You don't have to complete them all, just pick whichever ones that suit your kids level.

Then on Thursday we are going to discuss the tasks and Maths in general. Here are the challenges!


- Use chalk to write a variety of Maths questions on the concrete.

- Use Google Earth (the ruler tool) to find the perimeter of your school.

- Throw a pack of card out onto the concrete and them put them into order as fast as you can. They need to be placed in suits from 2 to Ace.

- Change the left picture into the right by moving only 3 counters!

- Create a Maths Week shape challenge! This can be for your class or even whole school. Details found here: Shape Challenge

- Design your own money!

- Create a basic facts cube! You will need to get your teacher to print off a cube net for you.

- Make 3D shapes using ice-block sticks/tooth picks and plasticine.

- Make a Maths trail!

- Use the app ScratchJr and make a short story or conversation. 


Q1. Tweet a picture or video of some of your challenges this week.

Q2. Leave a reply on someone's tweet. Remember to comment on their challenge.

Q3. Reflect on your challenges. How do you think you did? What was hard? Easy? Enjoyable? 

Q4. Write your own word problem for other people to answer.

Q5. Try and answer someone's word problem. Make sure you reply back saying whether they are right or wrong.

Q6. What have you been learning about in Maths? Tell/Explain a Maths strategy that you have learnt this year?

Q7. What are some of your favourite activities that you have done in Maths this year?

Q8. Why is it important to learn about Maths?

Q9. What are some of your favourite Maths Apps that you use in class? Why do you like them?

Q10. Write a short story or poem using these 4 words: Reflection, Triangle, Half and Money

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