Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hacking your Learning: What would make you happy?

What if you could design your learning environment - both the physical space, and what you were learning, what would it look like? Imagine it! How would you design your space? What would you create?

What would make you happy?

This is Logan LaPlante. He is 13. His talk has had nearly 5 million views! He's a Hacker.

"Hackers are innovators. Hackers are people who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently, to make them work better. It's just how they think. It's a mindset."

Senior Primary/Intermediate classes might to watch his talk to help them think about the answers they contribute for the questions this week.

Junior and Middle Primary may like to watch Josh's Video about his perfect classroom.

What if learning looked like this?


Q1. What would be your ultimate learning environment? Describe it.

Q2. What tools would be used in your environment for your learning?

Q3. What would you like to learn about?

Q4. How would you like to learn this?

Q5. Why would this learning be important to you?

Q6. How would your Dream Teacher help you?

Q7. What do you think is important to learn?

Please make sure that you have joined the Kidsedchatnz list, prior to Thursday if you are wanting to participate in this chat. More info can be found on the blog, including a step-by-step video

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