Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Today's Kidsedchatnz Session

Today was a very interesting Kidsedchatnz session! I started the Kidsedchatnz session with about 30 kids in my room tweeting from 3 different classes. After about 5 minutes the internet at Russell Street School crashed and there was no one available to fix it! Oh no, what a downer!

Since I was moderating the session I had to find a way to tweet the questions. What did I do? Answer, my trusty iPhone 5! Luckily I could use the hotspot on my phone to get myself and 4 kids from my class onto the internet. What happened to the other 26 kids? Well they had to return to their class or normal learning programme. Lots of sad faces!

So what happened during the session? Well we recorded 580 tweets between 22 classes! Not bad for such a crazy session! (I spent most of it trying to fix the internet!)

Here is R5 (What's left of them), tweeting!

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