Saturday, 28 October 2017

Change leadership and Children's Issues

Kia ora Kidsedchatters,

It is hard to believe that it is Week 3 of Term 4, where does the year go!  I can hardly believe that in a few weeks we will all be getting ready for the Summer holidays.  Bring on the warm weather and lazy days watching the Black Caps.

This week our topic is about Change and Kids issues.  Over the past few weeks Aotearoa has gone through some pretty big changes.  We have a new Government lead by Jacinda Ardern, who is now our 40th Prime Minister.  The Government has made several big promises around supporting children to thrive and succeed.  We want to hear about change in your space and how to make it sustainable and what issues are facing our Kiwi kids.

When Jacinda Ardern was offered the leadership of her party she said  "When opportunities come up, say 'Yep, I can do that job'."  Could you be the change in your community?

This weeks questions:

    1. What skills or qualities does a person need to have to be a Leader of a Country? Do you have these skills?
    2. How does the Government of New Zealand affect you? 
    3. If you wanted to change something at your School, what would it be?
    4. How would you go about making that change? Could you lead that change and what skills would you need?
    5. What problems do you think New Zealand children are facing? Why are they having these problems?
    6. How could we help the children who are having these problems?
    7. Does your School do anything to help your local community? (Fundraising etc)
    8. What is more important - helping yourself or helping others?

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