Sunday, 3 September 2017


Kia ora koutou

  • 75% of the earth is covered with water but only 3% of it can be used for drinking - (it is 'fresh' water).
  • Most of this fresh water is underground; the rest is in lakes and rivers. We are learning all about looking after our water and would love some more ideas about how to keep our waterways clean and reduce our water usage at home and school.
  • To make sure we know where all this water comes from, watch the video on the water cycle.
Lake Hawea
In Hawea we have lots of lakes and rivers in our area. There is a big concern that the lakes are being contaminated by pollution and algae build up. What can you find out about your local waterways this week? Time to get investigating!


Q1: Where does water come from? Can you explain the water cycle?

Q2: Where do you think most of the water in your area comes from? What makes you think this?

Q3: Why is having good water quality important to you and your community?

Q4:What things can make water quality poor in a river or lake?

Q5: How is the water quality in your area? Can you swim in local lakes or rivers? Has this changed over time?

Q6: What are some ways you can conserve water at home or at school? How could you encourage others to do the same?

Q7: Near Hawea we have lots of beautiful rivers and lakes. We are looking for some ideas to help keep our waterways clean and reduce our water use? Can you help us by adding some ideas to this Padlet?

Q8: Can you design an invention to save water at school?
Q9: Whose job is it to protect  our waterways? How do you think they monitor them?

We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday at 2pm.

Nga mihi nui

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