Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sharing our interests & learning

Many times we limit ourselves because we fear what other people might think. The result is that we might not share things that we find interesting or even all the amazing things we have learnt.

Here is a great video to watch and to think about. Always remember that you are awesome!


Q1. What are your interests, talents or passions?

Q2. Do you get to share about your interests in the classroom? How?

Q3. Do you enjoy sharing your interests/ learning with others? Why? Why not?

Q4. Who do you share your learning with? 

Q5. In what ways do you share your learning?

Q6. Share some learning right now... on twitter! Add a link, photo, write about it, anything you like.

Q7. Do you think it is important to share your learning with others? Why? Why not? 

Q8. What are the benefits for you, as the learner, when you share your learning? 

Q9. Share with us your most favourite app or online tool to share your learning. Why is it your favourite? 

Go and find a tweet to reply to. Start a conversation with someone new. Say "Hello" and respond to their tweet!

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