Sunday, 12 June 2016

Healthy body - Healthy mind

Kia ora, welcome to another instalment of NZ's favourite kids chat!

This week I thought we could discuss being healthy. Whole body healthy from the tips of your toes to the ends of the hair on your head!

We are all aware of eating healthy and looking after our physical well-being.  But how well do we look after the other parts of our well-being?  So let's chat about all these areas.

1.What makes you happy.  Not just surface happy but deep down happy, when you smile inside?

2. How do you deal with set-backs or when things don't go your way?

3. Courage, grit, determination are words we often hear in class.  What do these mean to you and how do you display them?

4. In your opinion, what makes a great friend, one you want to keep forever?

5. In your life who is the main person you turn to for support? What makes them special?

6. How does your family support you with your learning in class?

7. Being active is important for your body.  What do you do to keep fit and active?

8. There is a saying 'you are what you eat'.  What does this mean? Do you agree or disagree?

9. After kidsedchatnz today share with us how you are going to make some else's day even better.

See you all on Wednesday :)

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