Sunday, 21 February 2016

Week 4 - Making Connections

 Week 4 - Making Connections

Each week we all come together to connect from across Aotearoa.  I am keen to make sure we all get to know each other a bit better as this would help make the connections more authentic. Wouldn't it be cool if some of the connections we make here each week be developed further!  

This year we have welcomed 30 new classrooms to the @kidsedchatnz whanau so along with all the other classrooms it makes kidsedchatnz an awesome place to connect beyond our classroom walls. Sharing and connecting with new buddies from around NZ. 

Remember for these connections to happen we need to take the first step and put ourselves out there! So this weeks chat is all about you and your classroom, and hopefully developing some connections!

#keycompetencies #relatingtoothers


  1. Introduce your classroom.  (sharing a photo or short video would be awesome).
  2. Where in New Zealand is your School? Describe the location - share a map if you can :)
  3. How many students, teachers, and classrooms does your school have?
  4. Share something about your classroom that makes it special. (Photo or video opportunity)
  5. Share something about your School that makes it special. (Photo or video opportunity)
  6. What is your class learning about this term?  (Connect with other classrooms with the same topic)
  7. Share your School's values, your classroom rules/treaty, the school motto, or whakatauki.
  8. Do you have some learning that you are proud of this term?  Take a photo and tweet it!
  9. What classrooms have you connected with today?  Did you connect with  a classroom in a different part of NZ?

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