Saturday, 13 June 2015


Our topic for this week is Matariki.

This year Matariki will begin on 18 June.  You can get a chance to see Matariki if you get up very early in the morning.

In preparation for our chat:
  • Design a poster to advertise Matariki (incorporate the star cluster and the time of year)
  • Find out all about the Matariki constellation by playing this interactive game. 
  1. What do you think Matariki is all about?
  2. Is Matariki a happy or sad time? Why do you think that?
  3. There are two meanings to Matariki. Tell us what they are.
  4. What does the rising of Matariki signal to the Māori?
  5. Do you celebrate Matariki? If you do, tell us how.
  6. What are your favourite party foods?
  7. What is something that you have learned about Matariki that you did not know before?
  8. Share some of your art work or the poster that you have designed and tell us about it shortly.


  1. matiriki is the moari new year.

  2. 1.Q Matariki is about the Seven stars

  3. Q1. matiriki is the moari new year.

  4. 2.Q Matariki is happy because it is the Moari new year

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