Monday, 8 December 2014

2014 Reflection - What Has Stuck With You This Year?

What has stuck with you this year?

Welcome to the last KidsedchatNZ for the year.

These questions were written by Grace and Maddison of @MahoraRm15 and Mathias and Bianca of Room 10. Mathias and Bianca worked on these questions in their lunchtime. 

Ka mau te wehi team, you are awesome!


Q1: What was your favourite subject this year? Why?

Q2: What things do you like about your teacher? Why?

Q3:What was your favourite inquiry topic this year? Why did you choose it?

Q4: What was the hardest challenge you faced this year? Why?

Q5: What were your proudest moments as a learner this year?

Q6: Have you done anything this year that you want to share?

Q7: What are you planning to do in the school holidays?

Q8: What do you want to improve in 2015?

Six Team @MahoraRm6
Thanks for chatting with us this year! 
We hope you have a safe and happy holiday with your whānau and friends.

Miss Revell and Six Team

NB: The super cool reflection posters are from Margdteachingposters - click the link to find them.


  1. thank you kidsedchatnz big good bye,hope you have a good time next year this will be my last time tweeting



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